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Orthognathic Surgery

older couple smiling in Tallahassee, FLOrthognathic surgery or corrective jaw surgery is a procedure designed to fix jaw and dental abnormalities which cannot be corrected by braces alone. A patient is usually referred to an oral surgeon by their orthodontist or general dentist when there is evidence of an overgrowth or undergrowth of the jaw. As many as 15% of patients need jaw surgery along with braces to fix teeth alignment and bite issues.

Jaw surgery can increase your quality of life including improvement in chewing, speaking, and breathing. More than likely, if you are recommended to undergo corrective jaw surgery by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or general dentist, then there is a very good reason why. In fact, listed below are the three major reasons why a dentist or oral surgeon might think that you are a good candidate for this type of procedure:


Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ or TMD):

If you have underlying TMJ pain or issues then undergoing orthognathic surgery will reduce these effects. For example, chronic clenching and grinding due to TMD can cause premature wear on your teeth, jaw pain, and headaches. Jaw surgery works by moving your teeth and jaw framework into a position that is more balanced, functional, and healthy.


Correct bite and chewing capability:

The overall improvement of your jaw will allow for better movement and ability for you to chew food. If you experience pain or discomfort when eating, a problem with your jaw may be the culprit.


Improved facial appearance:

Orthognathic surgery is often considered a cosmetic procedure as it is also recommended to improve facial imbalances in some patients. For example, an overbite or underbite can cause problems with the symmetry of the facial structures and corrective jaw surgery can fix these issues instantaneously.

Could you benefit from corrective jaw surgery? Contact Dr. Barrett R. Tolley at the Oral & Facial Surgery Center to receive an evaluation of your jaws and oral health to determine if an orthognathic procedure is in your best interest.
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