October 01, 2018
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We understand its still hot and hard to believe.. so just imagine. Soon that cool crisp air will reach Tallahassee and the childhood excitement for this 2018 holiday season will stir the butterflies in our tummies. Its time to celebrate and be thankful for getting slightly past the start of this busy season. This goes out for everyone feeling the changes in their routines such as students with school starting as well as all sport players and fans feeling the anticipation and excitement for their teams this season.

Lets stop for one moment. Dont rush these last few months of 2018. Begin to experience as many opportunities with loved ones that bring joy and excitement. With so much happening and the holiday rush, Dr. Tolley and the OFSC staff wish that everyone stay safe and mindful. We always have our clinical team here for those dental and facial injuries from sports accidents. At our practice, we offer a full scope of oral and maxillofacial services and promise you the best care possible. Call our office for questions and to schedule a consultation.

We hope that you enjoy every minute of this Autumn and dont forget about the fair coming soon! So celebrate this wonderful new change in seasons by looking for the cold front and once it arrives, grasp your favorite holiday latte in both hands. Close your eyes while holding it up to your lips and feeling the steam hit your cold pink nose. As your body shivers you open your eyes. What a wonderful life we get to live.